Payday loan direct lender online -Direct payday loans only: Get Money now

Direct payday loans only: Get Money now

The Internet is a common tool for contact with the outside world, which definitely helps us to function. Currently, many Poles are shopping online, ordering takeaway food thanks to special applications and other material needs. Only once-popular payday loans were associated with financial services provided via the Internet. At present, in most banking institutions, we can apply for a loan via the Internet. Although the application itself is filled out and sent online, we will eventually visit a bank to sign a loan agreement. What’s more, some of the proposals described as those with the minimum of formalities that can be prepared using the Internet way, sometimes actually require our presence in a designated facility, e.g. when we run our own business or are required to provide certain documents. That is why we check out the post right here and looking for strictly online direct payday loans only, which are addressed to people who want to simplify the procedure of applying for a loan.

Feen Bank

Feen Bank offers a cash loan via the Internet up to PLN 30,000, which can be used for any purpose. My new clients apply for a maximum of PLN 20,000, and for the regular ones the highest loan amount is dedicated. The loan period is up to 60 months (5 years), APRC = 14.2%. To apply for the necessary money, it is necessary to submit a bank statement confirming the amount of the source of income that should be attached to the application sent. After obtaining consent, you must accept the online agreement. Confirmation of the applicant’s identity is carried out by means of a verification transfer.

Fran Bank

Although the bank does not give the amount and the loan period of the proposed loans, it offers products without leaving home, i.e. completely online (APR = 21.83%). The amount of the monthly installment is adjusted to the applicant’s creditworthiness. When completing the registration form, you must attach documents confirming your income. Identity verification takes place by means of a transfer from the borrower’s account to the bank account indicated.


Rendered loans can reach up to 10,000, repayment period up to 84 months. The initial credit decision is passed on to the client as soon as he submits the credit application. The final amount depends on his creditworthiness. APY for the representative example is 10.67%. This loan can be voluntarily insured against an additional fee. After registration, a transfer should be made confirming personal data to the account of Vickie.