Comparison of mini loans and personal loans

After a few years immersed in the crisis, we can see that the Spanish family have gone from consumerism to look with magnifying glass at the price of each product or service they hire.
Despite this, it is always good to remember some tips that will make us better manage family savings.

How to Improve Family Savings

How to Improve Family Savings

1. Prepare a monthly budget. In this budget we must include basic concepts such as income, expenses and debts. There are some mobile applications that can help us take control such as MoneyMiz or Spliwise.

2. Save on basic things. We must develop the healthy habit of comparing before hiring any service or product. So much in the insurance of the home, car even in the products of the purchase, all sum. At home, it is very good to educate the family of energy savings: turn off lights, disconnect electrical appliances, thermal insulation in windows and doors…

3. Closed lists for the supermarket. It is very easy to end up buying more things than we initially thought if we go if a clear list of what we have to buy. The supermarkets are designed so that you have to pass in front of many products so that you end up buying more than you want.

4. Choose monthly leisure well. It is very good to distribute the leisure budget of the month at the beginning so as not to get carried away and end up spending more than we have for this topic. It is advisable to compare also in this sector because there is a lot of variety and price difference. Also departures to restaurants must be taken into account so that they do not cost us a dislike at the end of the month.

5. Good use of financial products. Financial products such as mini-loans / loans or credit cards are an aid to make ends meet, but you have to have a head. The interests of this type of financial resources are not precisely low, and we must be responsible when requesting them.

6. Review the conditions. When you decide to request a product of this type, it is highly recommended that you carefully read the conditions of return and deferment of the loan. We can get a very unpleasant surprise in some cases.
We have already talked in another article about How to choose the best Fast Credit. We recommend that you take a look, it sure helps you a lot.
From Astro Finance we encourage you to be responsible in hiring mini-credits. You can see our best selection of companies that can offer you financial services in our Home.

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What do you think about the tips to improve your monthly family economy? Tell us your experience and help others save.